Who am I?

Me, Contax T2, Kodak Portra 400

Hi, I’m Aaron Stennett.

I’m a north London native who loves photography, travelling, films and football.

I’ve always been a creative soul with a passion for writing. I studied history at York University where I became a passionate writer, editor and finally managing director of the student newspaper Nouse.

I picked up my other passion at university as well. After discovering my dad’s old film camera in a box in the attic, I have become an analogue photography fanatic! I’m extremely proud to say that all of the photography on this site is my own – you can see more of my work on my Instagram.

From there I worked at an award-winning PR agency, before joining the Communications team at the Museum of London. It was an amazing privilege to help promote the work of curators, getting within touching distance of ancient jewellery, skeletons and everything in between.

From wall-sized adverts on the Underground to glitzy press previews for exhibition launches, I experienced it all as we highlighted iconic moments in London’s history.

Now I’m about to set off on a new adventure.

I’ve wanted to travel for as long as I can remember and 2019 is the year that this dream becomes reality. I’ll be taking my camera, a bunch of film and my laptop along with me on an adventure for the ages. And you’re comign too!

I’ll show you the city I love and call home, and the amazing places I encounter on my travels so strap in the for the ride as we experience the world together 🙂

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