A trip to Bristol during Pride 2017

In July, Katie and I headed to Bristol for a little reunion with some of her friends, coinciding with Pride weekend. I loaded up the Leica and off we went.

Bristol is such a charming city, a perfect combination of the buzz of London and the relaxed nature of York, my home during university. If I had to live anywhere in the UK apart from London, I think my choice would be Bristol.

As the following images show, the city is more than photogenic enough to suit my needs!

The city was bursting with energy during Pride weekend, with the remaining students and citizens letting their hair down in the vintage summer weather.

There were all sorts of characters about, as always seems to be the case in Bristol. From glitter covered revellers to “Mr. TCP”, who happily rambled to me about the benefits of juice-based dieting whilst we had lunch in St. Nicholas Market in the centre of town.

Love and companionship was the prevailing theme of the weekend, and this was no different amongst the group. With some seeing each other for the first time since leaving university a year earlier, there were plenty of opportunities for produce good photos.

Reunion. Leica M4, Portra 400
Kate and Georgia near to St. Nick’s Market

I used my beautiful black paint Leica M4 throughout the weekend, as my only camera. There is very little that can be said about that camera that has not already been said, but it is simply a joy to use.

This final image from the trip highlight the maritime history of Bristol. It also reveals that film cameras that are decades old can produce images which are more than sharp enough for the everyday user.

Bristol Pride, Leica M4, Portra 400 (23)
All aboard. Leica M4, Biogon 35 2,8, Portra 400

All film is colour balanced and the beautiful pop of powder blue from the sky really makes this final naval image pop, in my opinion.

I often shoot exclusively in black and white when I am in Blighty sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised when you take the gamble of throwing in a roll of colour film!

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