When in London… a guide to days out in the capital

Not many cities can boast of being like London. A nation’s capital, political epicentre and global economic outpost all at the same time, London has been central to the world history for centuries.

London is a melting pot in the truest sense of the word. Its diverse population of 9 million people traces its roots from all over the globe. You can brush shoulders with the Sikh community near to Brick Lane, an area that becomes more edgy by the hour. Or celebrate the profound cultural influence of another small island nation, Jamaica, at the Notting Hill Carnival, which is now one of the largest street parties on the planet. London is many things to many people, and a shared space for cultures to meet, merge and form something totally new and unique of their own.

Dressed and ready for Notting Hill Carnival, which takes place in West Lonodn
My sister at last year’s Notting Hill Carnival in West London. Nikon FM3A, Kodak Portra 400

This is the heart of the city’s appeal. Anyone can come to visit and find their own special connection to the city. Maybe that’s why the city has remained so popular with visitors for so long – over 17 million people came for a trip in 2017.

Pro-EU demonstration in London.
Pro-EU demonstration earlier this year in London. The city is a diverse and metropolitan place Contax T2 Fujicolor 200

In this series of articles, I’m going to break down the best bits of London life. Whether you’re coming for a trip in the summer and looking itinerary ideas, finding recommendations for a friend, or just want to know a bit more about the city you live in, stay tuned for an insider’s guide to London.

So please check back as this section will continue to be updated with links to the series as I continue to upload it.

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